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We are CarbonSilk.

Digital Marketing and Consulting 


CarbonSilk is a boutique digital marketing and consulting agency. A  boutique digital marketing agency operates in the same capacity as an agency, minus the large scale and expensive price tag. A boutique is usually going to be made up of a small team who each brings years of combined experience to the job.

We are creatives, strategic thinkers, nurturers, and disrupters. We are all very unique but have one thing in common. We are driven by our client’s success. 

CarbonSilk comes together to strengthen the quality of your brand’s message above your competitors.

We specialize in website design, search engine optimization, social media, email, and text marketing.

The success of our clients is personal. We care about your budget and results like it was our own. We know that it has to be more than what looks good; it needs to work.


Digital Marketing and Consulting 

Your business is unique.

There’s something about your business that is so much different than anyone else. We love hearing your story and turning that into a creative online marketing strategy that connects directly with your ideal client.

Whether you are just ready to launch your brand new business or have been in business for years. We are your trusted digital marketing partner who is ready to help you share your business with the world!

We offer solutions based on where you are in your business journey. What’s even better? Each of those solutions can be redesigned to fit your unique business and needs in mind.

Our Services

Website Design SEO Strategy

Website Design

Design | WordPress | SEO

Don’t miss out on an opportunity because your website is outdated or difficult to navigate. Your website is the storefront of your business. Visitors will determine in seconds if you are what they are looking for and need. Designing a website that not only fits your brand but also invites the end-user to explore more about your products or services is imperative.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Social Media | Content Creation | Strategy |Email Marketing | Blogging

There are many differences when it comes to social media marketing. We offer content creation for those who struggle with creating branded content- to complete social media strategy, which is when we design and execute a meaningful marketing plan for your brand

Creative Services

Creative Services

Graphic Design | Logo Creation | Brand Photography

Your audience should be able to recognize your brand when they see it. Our designers and photographers specialize in identity, branding, logo design,  and marketing assets that will set your business apart from the competition. Our goal is simple. We want to make your brand memorable. 

Consulting & Training


Planning | Consulting | Training

Take advantage of having a digital marketing consultant guide you or your team through the chaos of digital marketing step-by-step- without the long-term contract. We offer hourly, 3-hour, and a 20-package. We have created a process that leads you to success. 

Are you an Agency?

Need an extra set of hands to help with a campaign? Or looking for a trusted team to run your ongoing campaign? We’d love to help! We believe in collaboration over competition. Together we can soar to new heights!

“Deanna is an amazing coach for entrepreneurs! She taught me so much about social media, growth within my business, building Facebook ads, website reviews, and more. I enjoyed working with her as she was a positive and honest business coach which is exactly what you want for a successful business.

She was a fabulous coach who I highly recommend for your business!”

Brytta M.

Owner, Xanadu Yoga

Why Choose CarbonSilk? 

CarbonSilk takes our job of delivering results that exceed your expectations very seriously.  We are wholly dedicated to helping you achieve maximum results through our research-oriented approach and strategies.

CarbonSilk is also committed to walking that extra mile and continuing to be your trusted digital marketing partner.



Carbon Silk Digital Marketing and Consulting

“If you think that your organization could benefit from an improved social media presence, contact Deanna!

With a base of knowledge that makes her an expert in established sites like Facebook and Instagram and building upon it with burgeoning platforms and new practices, she is not afraid to adapt to the ever-altering landscape of social media and networking.

Anyone can make posts promoting their organization, but through Deanna, you can learn not only what types of posts best serve your needs, but why they do, and how to strategize with these tools you didn’t even know you had. She comes with the highest recommendation!”

Brad Y.

Marketing Director, Buffalo Wild Wings

Deanna is so amazing. She is a social media guru and has truly helped me with my business so much. She is very quick to respond and super professional. If you are looking for help with business marketing or need a consultant, I 100% recommend Carbon Silk!”

Lorenda H.

Wedding Planner, Lorenda Howell Events

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