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Things right now are challenging for all of us and small business owners are doing everything they can to stay afloat. We are all being impacted in one way or another. Now is not the time to sit back and wait for it to pass.

Social media has increased in usage during this pandemic as we stay home yet find ways to connect with one another. Take advantage of that increase by making sure your social media is ready.

Here are some tips on how to adjust your social media during trying times

Tip #1 Update your profiles across all platforms.

 If your business is during curbside pickups or deliveries.

 If your customers can order online

  If your business doing anything different than your customers should knowUpdate those bios! Keep your audience and customers informed!

Tip #2: Post with a purpose!

Share information that is worthy of your audience. This isn’t the time to post useless information. Now more than ever, people are using social media more to communicate with one another.

 Highlight what you are currently doing

 One business is doing something cool…they are posting what they need to sell to stay in business when they hit it, they announce it in their story and encourage you to support another business

 Be empathic to what is going on

 Help more than selling (You can still sell, but now is the time to really bring the value)

Tip #3: LISTEN!!Pay attention to what your audience is saying.

Pretending that everything is normal can come across as unauthentic. Let them know you hear them. Don’t forget to comment on those posts and respond to those messages.

Be present!Tip #4: Spotlight Customers, Partners, and your Team!

 Re-introduce yourself!

 Introduce your team

 Share your partners or vendors

 Spotlight your customers

Tip #5: Use Stories….EVERYDAY!It doesn’t need to be perfect, you just need to be top of mind every single day!

Tip #6: Repurpose your best content!We all have it. It’s that content that did exceptionally better than the other pieces of content.

Pull that out and use it again!

Maybe it’s that video that you did that got a lot of attention, break it up into little nuggets of information. You can create:

 Short videos

 Images with quotes, facts or great information

 New ideas for content can come from the questions or comments on that video if it was live.

Tip #7: Expecting a longer sales cycle is not the same as a nonexistent sales cycle.

People still WANT to buy from you, but they may not feel like they CAN right now.Still continue to provide great content, help, nurture while you’re being authentic and empathetic. The sales cycle maybe a little longer right now, so think of ways to really bring value and do things a little differently.

Ex: People may not be buying homes, but you can provide virtual tours, share tips to get ready to sell, and reasons why buying is a great idea.

Hang in there! It’s all going to be ok!

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