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If you’re a business owner, then you know how important it is to be seen on Google. Nobody wants their potential customers googling for information about their products or services and not finding them in the top 5 results.

It’s time to start using SEO if your company isn’t already doing so! In today’s episode, I reached out to Steve Cross, CEO and Creative Director with iSynergy and he’s sharing everything you need to know about how to increase your visibility on Google using SEO

Listen to How to increase your visibility on Google using SEO

[2:02] What is SEO?

[2:39] Why is SEO so important?

[4:57] The flood gates open once your site goes live (or not)

[6:24] Local SEO & Google My Business- Your storefront sign online

[9:30] What should be on your website to help with local SEO (schema)

[11:27] Should you use local terms or universal terms if your business can serve people beyond your local area

[13:35] How long can it take to lock your presence down?

[14:13] Do Google Ads need to be part of your online strategy?

[15:59] What type of budget is a reasonable budget for Google Ads?

[20:50] How to determine if you’re SEO is on the right track?

[23:21] Why “When I google my business, I come up on the first page” is a farse.

[26:32] How to know if you’re ranking is good?

[28:31] Do I still need to worry about SEO if my ranking is good?

[30:11] What is link-building?

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