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Would you like to know what you should be posting on Instagram?

You know, that secret combination of posts in feed, stories, reels, lives! If you said yes, you’re not alone! Many of us would love to know, but Instagram never tells us exactly what we should be posting.  Instagram has been meeting with creators over the past few months to share exactly what they are looking for and that presentation has been leaked.

Are you curious about what to post?

What to post on Instagram

IGTV: 1-3 /week

Remember when you couldn’t post a video longer than 60 seconds on Instagram? IGTV was Instagram’s solution to that problem. IGTV is a way to upload high-quality video content to your Instagram account. You want to be sure to capture your audience’s attention in 3 seconds and have them engage with you.  This is a great opportunity to show your brand off!

In Feed: 1-3/week

The content should be your highest quality content! Use images that capture your audience’s attention and are aesthetically in line with your brand. You can share your IGTV and Reels into your feed as well to be part of your feed count, don’t forget that IGTV cover!  Be sure when posting your video to your feed that you’re not using horizontal…ever! Post video vertical 4:5 aspect for the best results.

Reels: 4-7/week

Instagram is owned by Facebook and Facebook doesn’t like competition. Reels is Instagram’s way of rivaling the popular, TikTok platform. So what does that mean right now? That means Reels are a big deal and Instagram wants you to use them! This is a great way to get new subscribers due to Instagram’s Reels Discovery tab. To be completely transparent, I just started using Reels not too long ago and I wish I had started earlier. They are a lot of fun to create and I noticed a change in my analytics pretty quickly!

Stories 8-10/week

Stories are short little clips that last 24 hours and then disappear. Instagram wants you to use stories on a regular basis and ideally 2 times a day! Stories are a great way to give those behind the scenes peek into your brand, business, and life! You can use stories in a variety of ways. a few examples are by using polls, questions, and gifs. Be sure to use the features that are offered by Instagram. This is a great way to get your audience engaged with you and to gain insight on what it is they really want from you! When a new feature is launched, start using it. Facebook (Insta’s parent company) encourages using new features when they are launched and will typically give them favor in reach.

So now that you have the secret,  the next step is to create your plan of attack! What’s the one thing that you’re looking forward to doing more of the most?

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