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The Entremusician, aka the wonderful Jere B, sat down with our founder, Deanna Hinsz to discuss what it was like to make the decision to leave her corporate job over ten years ago to launch a business. She shares what it was like to rebrand Sassy Girl Media to CarbonSilk, the value of working with a coach, and how mindset is the key!

Join Deanna as she talks with The EntreMusician:

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00:00 – Show Open & Introductions

01:46 – Rebranding

06:15 – Deanna’s Story

12:35 – Self Discovery

14:13 – Coaching & Teamwork

18:07 – Preparing for Coaching

23:00 – Group Coaching VS One on Ones

24:36 – Abundance Mindset

29:08 – Envisioning Your Goals

32:32 – How Carbon Silk Can Help You

36:05 – Answering The Unasked Question

37:53 – Deanna The Musician


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