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They say that things always change in social media. That’s no joke! 

It’s important to stay up to date on the changes if you’re looking for growth online.

Just to give you a peek into what I stay on top of over here- here’s a quick snapshot of what changes happened in August. 

What Happened in August: Social Media updates

Here’s what happened in August: 


* Tiktok partners with Ticketmaster to make ticket selling within the app possible.

* TikTok working on a new feature to improve search capabilities in the app!

* Tiktok focuses on transparency; you can see why you are seeing this Ad with the new feature.

* TikTok launches new shopping Ads to improve E-commerce Integrations!

* Tiktok working on the ability to share Tiktok Stories to Instagram and Facebook. A Game Changing feature!

* TikTok is testing a nearby feed to display more local content.

* TikTok is informing creators/users who added their videos to favorites.


* Instagram expands NFTs Platform to 100 Countries, making in-app NFTs accessible.

* Instagram is getting rid of its Affiliate program for creators. They launched the feature last year!

* Instagram shares how it recommends content to users on the home page in a recent blog post.

* Breakout: Instagram tracks users via their in-app browsers and Facebook too.

* Instagram Adds 3 New Reels Feature including New Sticker, IG-FB cross posting and FB reels Insights.

* You can Schedule your reels in Creator Studio from now.

* Instagram tightens default content settings for teens.

* Instagram is now allowing you to share content through QR codes.

* Instagram isn’t giving up on full-screen feed, App is developing an option full screen feed.


* Facebook to end live-shopping on 1st October.

* Meta is testing a twitch-like platform called super.

* Messenger is getting end-to-end encryption and more new features.

* 3 New privacy changes coming to WhatsApp.

* Meta expands Automated Ad Optimization Options via “Meta Advantage” Program.

* WhatsApp has a native app on Windows that works standalone.

* Facebook will disable new political ads a week before US midterm elections.

* Facebook is adding a new Customer support Division to Handle User Queries.

* WhatsApp’s Community Feature is live for beta users.

* Meta reaches $37.5 Million settlement in location tracking lawsuit.


* Twitter launches location spotlight feature in Twitter Bio for Small Businesses.

* Twitter tests tweet per month feature keeping count of your tweets publicly.

* Twitter launches a new Initiative program for student-athletes to monetize their content.

* Elon musk sells $6.9 billion in Tesla Shares to prepare for the Twitter trial.

* Twitter tests a special tag to highlight phone number-verified accounts.

* Twitter is developing a reply filter to better Twitter experience.

* Twitter Debuts Twitter Pixel and new Conversions API.

* Twitter is facing new content moderation issues with Twitter Shops.

* Twitter is officially bringing Podcasts to its platform.

* Twitter Is testing new professional Account Options, Including Updated link buttons and shopping tools.

* Twitter is testing a new Tweets format called “Tweet Tiles.”


* LinkedIn tests new Human curated discover feed.

* LinkedIn is launching a Link sticker on posts, and it’s looking amazing.

* LinkedIn announces new features coming to the platform this week for visual content growth.

* LinkedIn restructures global events and marketing team.

* LinkedIn is working on new prompts for recruiters and candidates.

* LinkedIn Improves its In-app Search Engine for better search results.

* LinkedIn rolls out the option to pin comments in reply chains.


* YouTube is working on zoom into videos feature now.

* YouTube Launches Updated Editing UI to help Creators move into shorts, also new analytics feature are here.

* YouTube launched Tiktok-like “Reply to a comment with Video” Feature.

* YouTube Adds New prompts for Shorts content, New insights into channel recommendations.

* YouTube Shorts will start adding watermarks to downloaded Videos.

* YouTube Announces new Targeting options for CTV Campaigns, Improved CTV buying Tools.

* YouTube Expands Access to Audience Behaviour Insights, Adds New Creative Tools for Community Posts.

* YouTube launches a dedicated page for podcasts.


* Pinterest Posts 9% increase in Revenue in Q2.

* Pinterest has a new app called “Shuffle” for photo-editing, but it’s invite-only on iOS now.

* Pinterest Launches a new Board Sticker to help derive more traffic.

* Pinterest Launched a New Streamlined In-app purchase process for Shopify Merchants.

* Pinterest Appoints Meta’s Stacy Malone as VP of Global Business Marketing.


* Microsoft announces automotive Ads, Aussie network expansions, and 7 other updates.

* Clubhouse is planning their comeback and it’s dividing into houses.

* Wix Integrates Google URL Inspection API.

* Microsoft Bing Adds Coupon Codes to Shopping Searches.

* DuckDuckGo promising more transparency blocking Microsoft Ad Scripts.

* Shopify adds collaboration tools to connect Brands with Creators.

* Apple is expanding Ads on IPhones and IPads.

* Bing tests people also Ask feature in Carousel UX.

* Twitch will now let partners stream on YouTube and Facebook.

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